Web Form Strategy

Lets just get it out…. Forms get in the way of what we want. To sell something… a form, to buy something… a form, to get in contact with someone… a form, to join social media… a form. Forms are the gatekeepers to a majority of the net. But as annoying as they are for […]

Sectioning elements

nav Element This element contains navigation links for major navigation blocks. Not right for all groups on links, mostly used for site navigation. https://www.w3.org/TR/html5/sections.html#the-nav-element aside Element This is used for things like the side bar, advertising and other content separate from the main content of the section. Represents a sectional element so will create a […]

HTML5 Sectioning

One of the benefits of HTML is it lets you structure information to better illustrate it’s meaning. This is called semantics and it’s very important to the web page construction process. Here is the structure of a typical website: Without hierarchy and structure it’s difficult to tell how the content relates to one another especially […]

HTML5 skeleton

So what makes up a HTML document? Well basically you need a DOCTYPE declaration, then inside a html element is a head element that holds links to other documents like a style sheet, other metadata and other “invisible” data about the page. The body element holds all the semantic or structural information and content of […]

What is WordPress?

Starting from it’s humble beginnings as a blogging application, WordPress has grown into a powerful CMS (Content Management System) that powers millions of websites on the web. WordPress is used for sites from blogs to E-commerce solutions to government sites to large corporate identity. So what is WordPress? … Answer: Anything you want it to be!